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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  June 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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he's resigned. we'll tell you more about that in just a second. good day everybody it is wednesday, june the tenth 2015. we're all here for you. >> yes we are. >> here? >> yes, gorgeous day nine out of ten. >> beautiful walking in. >> and why you think that was? >> humidity, we had cold front move through. >> we have sue serio telling us. >> yes. >> and high pressure is in control. >> it is. >> it is a nine out of ten today. and that is the reason why. it is so lovely when you pay attention. we've got bus stop buddy with a giant bottle of sunscreen today. because you will need it. you want to spend some time out of doors. because it is more comfortable, than it has been. we will put some shades on him, as well. nice hat thereto keep his little dome from getting sunburned. we have ultimate doppler, and nothing on it. isn't that delightful? look at the sunshine 68 degrees, right now we had our sunrise at 5:32 this morning, six a % relative humidity for june, in philadelphia and that's
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pretty darn good. and very light winds, this morning, as well. 87 degrees our high temperature so it will be warm. it just won't be too humid out there, with all of the sunshine tonight down to 68 degrees with just few clouds. and that is your weather authority forecast for your hump day. here's bob kelly. >> oh we got big hump to get over here today. good morning everybody. 6:01. skyfox looking live over the scene of this overturned tractor-trailer. i have been talking about on i295. in mt. holly new jersey, obviously, all northbound lanes have been closed, for the past hour i would say 40 minute or so. looks like they're trying to get set up to have one lane open here, take a look at this mike, here's your house. this is the framework for your new house. >> oh no. is that an a-frame? >> it is an a-frame. exactly. look at this, look at them trying to get this knucklehead through on the grass trying to get around.
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that's probably why we have a big back up. looks like they opened up the one lane, that left lane here. >> does he have anything to do with the problem? >> no, he doesn't. >> he's just trying get through? >> i saw this guy in the delay as he was coming up behind with all of the brake lights. so as far as the accident goes, it is a three lane stretch here, 295 north just above route 541. so it looks like they're going try to allow one lane of traffic through. but police are blocking the onramps here from mt. holly, new jersey, so here's the deal. if you are getting ready to step out the front door right now, it is northbound lanes of i295 just north of route 541. so if you are headed north this morning use the new jersey turnpike. you can jump on the new jersey turnpike, right there at route 541 which is exit number five. obviously, that's going to be there with us, through the morning rush hour and even if we have one lane open we're still going to have back up for the gang heading
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northbound. another accident, this one northbound on the northeast extension, right before the lansdale interchange. so backed up from mid-county, heading north this morning i know yesterday we had that big problem, on the southbound side all of the southbound lanes are open, and septa having some equipment problems this morning on the market frankford line. so between 30th and 52nd street, you'll need to board all of the trains from the eastbound platform. otherwise, your normal delays on both 95, and the schuylkill expressway on this wednesday morning. mike alex back to you. >> this is wednesday every day this week, we've started our newscast with hit-and-run stories. and now this morning we have two more. a man struck by a car on roosevelt boulevard. not surprising. one of the most dangerous roads until the world. >> now, police are looking for the driver. let's get to steve. the problem is they don't have much to go off of. steve? >> did you guys see the follow up from monday's hit-and-run the damage to that guy's car? >> yes. >> horrible. >> how do you drive with the car like that?
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>> i don't know. >> the hood is crushed in. the windshield smashed. the airbags deployed. the whole front end obliterated. the guy takes off from the scene. well with all of that damage, you would think there would be more than just the windshield wiper motor that police found but at least they had that. the problem here is they didn't find one single car part but the injuries to this fellow just as severe as the injuries to kyle down in south jersey fortunately, he's doing a little bit better. that's the good news in the hit-and-run update for this week. the bad news here, critical condition. there is no surround vale end around here. inspector small said plenty of business. but you can see this intersection empty lot over there. this is residential. happened on the inner lanes there is a clothes business with no cameras there. so maybe he's tack being surveillance throughout the boulevard. maybe seeing a car with heavy front end damage, trying to drive away from here. but, did not have one single car part. so here we are at front street. see there is a crosswalk there. and we just watched a woman
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with a cane, must do this every day she had to wait for the light to change four times to get across all of these 12 lanes. each time a light she barely would make it to one median. so it must take her 15 minutes just to cross the street one way, every day. so this fellow may have been walking when he had the light. and then the light changed and maybe he got hit then. this is 1:30 in the morning. a loft times the comes tell you it is not even the drivers fault if they just stop, but always take off immediately that makes them law breakers. here is inspector small with what little they know about this case from 1:30 this morning. >> upon police arrival and fire department paramedics arrival, they found 25 year old male, who was laying in the inner lanes of the boulevard northbound spot suffering injuries to his legs and torso medics transported him to einstein hospital where he's presently in critical condition with a broken leg and a broken pelvis. the impact caused the 25 year
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old victim to come out of both of his shoes. there is no parts of the striking vehicle that we can see in plane view on the boulevard. however we believe that the striking vehicle will have some front end damage. >> and so the two boat shoes found co-innings dentally in the crosswalk may indicate that's where he was because you get knocked out of your shoes, especially shoes essentially lovers, so boat shoes are found there. thank god some decent people did stop when they saw the poor man lying in the street, and they called 911 and got an ambulance to him real quick or woe have been killed. so some good people out there, didn't just drive by this thinking it was somebody just laying around on the street stumbling around or sleeping it off here on median somewhere. >> anybody saw the immediate accident. just thought they saw honda
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going up the street. it is always wrong to begin w so they don't have any beat on there is no plate all they can hope somebody's conscious comes forward or maybe a camera further down the street somehow somebody's going to check later today when they come in see a car with massive front end damage. here we go again we've been thon road for so many accidents, as you talked about, mike, the most dangerous road. when i saw complete big in depth story here i shout it right on this concern coincident will he talked about how dangerous judge this spot is, we've sengi walkers here in the dark dark clothes, people with headphones again people on the phone. not paying attention. if you have driver, not going to car and tee it doesn't guarantee guy is not drunk and going fast through the light. so do you have look both ways no matter not in you are just little kidney more, we tell the little kids, until you are 90 look both ways on the
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street and then maybe look both ways twice. >> clothing -- closing in on 9o here is the definition, what's the definition every insanity. >> doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. >> yes, so 16 years now i have ben talking about roosevelt boulevard being the most dangerous. so why don't we do something about it? >> mike when i did that story, mike stack the lieutenant governor now he had an idea, of course a loft critic came out beat him up over t he wanted to put speed cameras here. they have red light cameras but speed cameras would ticket you. well he tried to do. that will he didn't get enough support for t but he'll keep pushing for t he just wants to get people to slow down not going over the 45-mile per hour speed limit maybe a chance to survive. >> i was warned about the roosevelt. >> oh, people all around the country know about it. also somebody, another hit-and-run guy laid out on market street telling but in just a second, first this, most people pan wick they see an umpire collapse on a field. this happened in delaware county. he collapsed by second base. lucky for him that young man
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was on second base. saved his life. >> sure d we'll tell you the story after the break. i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more
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than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair. delco teenager being called a hero after saving the life of an umpire at a baseball game. >> sixteen year old michael junior member of the darby fire company. he said he had just got tone second base, when the umpire collapsed and even turned blue. michael ran over and gave him cpr when no one else knew how.
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the 55 year old umpire is currently waiting a triple bypass operation. michael says he hopes to meet with the umpire soon, we'll hear from him coming up. >> that's great. how about this? jet ski explodes, in arizona injuring several people. >> we'll tell you what was happening moments before the explosionment bob. >> good morning looking live over the kai fox overturned tractor-trailer that's going to cause major headaches for commuters this morning. heading north on 295. we'll have the details and the detour whether we come right back. let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line.
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>> you're not going to be loving this one. 6:15 good morning everybody. looking live from skyfox. our breaking traffic news here. this overturned tractor-trailer, actually look like it casino every split in half here. spilling its load all over the roadway. this is live look, at i-295 just north of mt. holly, new jersey not only do we have the cargo we obviously what looks like fuel spill here. but now police, right now have one lane of traffic squeezing through. this all occurred about an hour ago or so in the northbound lanes of i295 in mt. holly new jersey. here is a live look the jam cam, this is the interchange here for 541. police are not allowing any more traffic to get into the mix here headed north so we are bumper to bumper, barely moving here, northbound, heading into that accident scene. so typically we have three
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lanes for the morning rush. we're down to only one and i guarantee you they are probably going to shut it down at some point to clean up the tractor-trailer. so northbound lane of 295 you want to head for the new jersey turnpike, this morning. you can use the new jersey turnpike that's exit five, so it is an easy off easy on as far as an alternate. again, if you are coming from say cherry hill, or route 42, bellmawr new jersey get right with the new jersey turnpike from the get-go. and you'll scoot right on by, the scene. pack your shades, as well. as a little snack for the ride. eastbound 422 some early morning sun glare. no complaint. we'll take it. little bit of delay working your way in toward collegeville. live look at i95 southbound, heavy cottman through bridge. septa's mark frankford line, some equipment problems, so, on the station's between 30th and 52nd, passenger boarding on the eastbound platforms, and how long is it going to take to you get
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there? eastbound schuylkill expressway about 14 minute trip 14, what do you think 59 south? >> six minutes. >> from woodhaven. what's wrong with that, six minutes? >> sixteen probably. >> yes. >> unless we got that new -- you know what, we probably put high tech in the gas tank. >> what's high test? like ethel? >> premium. >> we'll call it premium. i never get the premium. >> i don't either. i'm cheap. >> sue, how are we. >> fill it with regular please. we have cold front that came through the area yesterday. it is now off shore. this is our weather maker high pressure the next couple of days, and now that it is on shore it means low humidity once it moves off shore, that will be tomorrow, that's when it get hotter, more humid. so enjoy today. nothing to show you at the moment on ultimate doppler radar we will watch the system around lake michigan, also there is moisture down to our southwest, the former tropical
6:18 am
storm blanca, from the pacific, some that far moisture may make its way here, by saturday, late in the day now talking about tomorrow. and the weak cold front we just showed you on lake michigan. that will may be just popping up couple of showers after we hit temperatures in the 90s tomorrow thursday through 8:00 9:00 in the evening. this is big deal. temperatures little more comfortable. 68 degrees at philadelphia. fifty-three mount pocono 63 wildwood. range at this time yesterday couldn't take your little beach walk. today should be okay. dew point on the comfortable side this morning mid 50's means in our measure of moisture that we're in the pleasant range. >> this doesn't happen too often june, july, august, especially around here. it was warm, and not so stormy yesterday. 86 degrees the same high we had on monday.
6:19 am
eighty-seven tomorrow 93, friday 92. and may be 991 saturday. 90 degrees or above you know what that means means heatwave. saturday stronger cold front coming through. >> late in the day saturday we could get some of those pop up thunderstorms, because you know? you can never rule them out. >> deathsly derailment last month, using his cell phone at the time of the crash. >> and what's taking so long? according to roiders national transportation safety board will reveal their findings probably just afternoon today. leaning toward the conclusion that 32 year oldening near there, brandon was not using his phone. eight people were killed, as you know, in the may
6:20 am
12th derailment in port richmond with more than 200 other injured. >> narrowly passes legislation, to cut amtrak's budget by more than $240 million hour lawmakers could add new funding for video cameras inside the engineer's compartment to help investigators get to the bottom of crashes. what's going on inside that cabin? >> still cutting the funding. >> 6:20. >> controversial pool party no longer on the job. he handed in his resignation letter yesterday. shows them getting physical with teenagers, you have seen this video at pool party friday later pulling out his gun. superiors say his actions were quote in defensible, denies pressuring him to quit. investigation underway to determine if charges are warranted. >> 6:20 shake up in the colorado movie theater trial. judge dismissed three jurors.
6:21 am
>> talking about the case when they shouldn't have been. one. jurors expose today news coverage and shared it with the other jurors. the issue did stall testimony yesterday. two other jurors were possibly at risk of let go, as well after over hearing the conversation between these other jurors, but the judge let them stay. after they said they were not compromised. he believed them. the total of 21 jurors, and alternates, remain for the trial, which is now in its seventh week. james homes as you know has pled not guilty by reason every insanity to killing 12 people and wounding 70 others during that massacre in the movie theater in 2012. >> leaving three people hurt. >> you talk about freak accident. >> yes. >> fire officials in mess a say the jet ski coming in for service when it exploded about 10:40 yesterday morning. blast so powerful it sent pea
6:22 am
cents of the jet ski onto neighboring homes. >> like a bomb went off i thought at first. >> just laid down on my couch reading to go to sleep, boom. >> loud ers thing i've ever heard. sanding right here with a customer and looked up, and jet ski in a million pieces, two people just laying on the grounds. >> one of those people, one of the victims included 16 year old boy he suffered burns and lacerations from the shrapnel. fire investigators are now trying to piece together what went wrong with that jet ski. >> 6:22 case against the two brothers, accused of killing sergeant robert wilson iii. takes another step forward today. we'll tell you what is in store for these two guys.
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>> so the calves beat the golden state warriors, 96 to 91 last night in game three. labron james finished with 40 points. and cleveland host game four, tomorrow. so here's howard with a look at the rest of the night in sports. this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies keep on making games look ugly, phillies still not won series since last september. phillies starter aaron also starting going to sin nasty gave up four homeruns, three of those joey, had three homeruns. unbelievable. the phillies lose, two errors,
6:26 am
lose 11-two to cincinnati. to new york chris hesston giants four straight years with no hitters. this is ninth inning, last out, 11 strikeout struck out the side in the ninth. giant beat the mets. chip kelly said yesterday, that sam bradford going along as planned with his recovery. the head coach also made a point about how the wide receive remembers working together. >> whenever you get somewhere new, your first time there you got someone to show you around casino of how things operate, how things work. it is beneficial to you. but, i think you'll find that with most of our guys, our older players have always done -- since i've been here, three years been here, real good job of acclimate g the young guys. >> that's sports in a minute. aim howard eskin. >> 6:26. this couple has good reason to celebrate. >> sure they just got engaged. but really only part of the reason. >> why aren't they getting closer to them?
6:27 am
jenny? >> well local actor critically injured in a hit-and-run accident. hear why this case is specially frustrating for police. we'll tell you coming up at 6:30. if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without
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cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom fellow saver i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne >> this actor injured so severely, now he's unable to
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perform. >> and do you recognize this man? it is a sketch of the person believed to have murdered a man in yeadon. police hope you have the information that could lead to break in the case. all right it is wednesday, june the tenth lots to get to here. let's get right to weather. sue? >> at least the weather is nice today. you'll notice it, the minute you walk out the door. it is more comfortable out there. bus stop buddy sunscreen today, because it is not as humid, you'll spend a lot of time outdoors hopefully. make sure to apply and reply that sunscreen. today nine out of ten in your weather by the numbers, and nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar for a change. 68 degrees with 65% relative humidity 3-mile per hour breeze very tranquil morning out there. and, sunny skies to 87 degrees. warm not excessively humid. great day today bob kelly. >> that's how we like it. 6:30 good morning shall everybody skyfox, looking live over the scene of this
6:31 am
overturned tractor trailer. >> you like apple juice? >> i love apple juice. >> what do i have to lick it off the screen? >> it was caring cases of bottles of apple juice. >> oh, no. >> spilled all over, that's an apple jam. >> it is. >> you get that? north on 295 in mt. holly new jersey, yes exactly only one lane getting through here. but, as you can see the big rigs in here, they put down that oil dry that sand to some up not just the apple juice, but also the oil and the gasoline that was spilled here. so let's go to the fix camera it shows you the traffic jam. northbound lanes of 295 approaching route 541 and in mt. holly. just north of the interchange. so not allowing any more traffic onto go north if you are leaving the house right now your best bet would be the new jersey turnpike, again, if you are leaving from say cherry hill, moorestown, headed northbound this morning, get with the new
6:32 am
jersey turnpike that will scoot you right on up and pass the scene and you will be good to go. because sometimes this morning they'll shut down the lanes to up right that tractor trail and get it out of there. an accident, northbound on the text shown right before the lansdale interchange fire for you here in whitemarsh, along malitia road at joshua road. and the market frankford line running with some equipment problems this morning. all trains between the 30th and 52nd street stations, you will have to board the trains from the eastbound platforms, and the stuck stuck inbound, put about 17 minute on the clock. >> on 95, back to you guys. >> more like it, 6:32. >> we have more hit-and-run accident to tell but this morning. so the first one man on the roosevelt boulevard. >> steve is on the story hey,
6:33 am
steve? >> reporter: they think this happened at 1:30 they think because they're the knot sure 100% because no one actually saw it happened. they just saw the aftermath, they think they saw car dark in color either honda orange your a get in the way happened on the inner lanes here northbound, feltonville section. you can see the cross street front street right next to the big roosevelt boulevard sign. twenty-five year old man in the crosswalk possibly, because look at the video. that's where his boat shoes were found. he got knocked clear out of his shoes thrown several feet away from the shoes as is always the case in the hit and runs, human body no match for a car usually going at least 45 miles an hour which is the speed limit which people often exceed here, especially on the overnight hours inspector scott small says unlike other cases no car parts left here after accident 25th district police respond today numerous 191
6:34 am
calls regarding an overnight accident on the boulevard. young male crossing the boulevard, and was struck by a car and got the car left the scene. vehicle that struck him being described as a black or dark colored honda or acura that was last seen traveling north on the boulevard from front street on the inner lanes. however, we believe, that the striking vehicle will have some front end damage. >> the guy is alive and at einstein but critical, injuries head to feet. lot of trauma on his head broken pelvis broken leg for sure. and probably a lot more internal injuries, as women. so i guess alex being mike, on the driver test, written part weaver to add a question. if you hit another human being, do you decently stop and try to call and get help
6:35 am
as soon as possible? yes or no? >> yes. >> hopefully most people will check yes and remember that. >> amazing how many of these hit and runs we have. >> i know. if this is the what, the third or fourth this week? only wednesday. thanks steve because i have to tell but another one right now. >> because police are looking for clues in one that happened yesterday morning. >> yes, local actor was critically injured and police say they have little evidence to go on. where did this happen? i know you're standing in front of the oldest theatre in america, walnut st. theater. that will where he worked? >> yes. he was supposed to be in a play the actual accident happened around the corner couple of blocks away 11th and market street. police are real frustrated at this. >> her signal is breaking up there. she is standing in front of the walnut st. theater. the accident happened 11th and market watch time of day was this? >> reporter: (no response. >> still frozen e apparently
6:36 am
over at 11th and market, car hit him took off. he lost his leg one every his legs over this thing. >> and he is a well known local actor. >> yes. so we'll give you more details as soon as the signal clears up. 6:36. >> new overnight philadelphia police are also looking for shooter in the city of kensington section. >> east 1st st. just around 12:30. the victim was taken to the hospital. police are not releasing any information on his condition. >> and happening today. a formal arraignment is scheduled for two brothers accused in the killing after philadelphia police officer. >> yes prosecutors say carlton hips and ramon williams fired several shots during a robbery attempt in north philadelphia, remember this, it was snowing outside at the game stop, that was in march? sergeant robert wilson iii was struck six times. he had been in the store to buy a video game, for his son. it was his son's birthday. >> in montgomery county, arraignment scheduled today
6:37 am
foreman accused of shooting his father while in traffic along the schuylkill expressway. prosecutors say, 22 year old tiemere corbin shot his father in the head, during a argument in april. the dad did survive the shooting. corbin charged with aggravated assault and related offenses. members of the pro-life coalition of philadelphia will hold a prayer service today for the victims of convicted late term abortionist kermit gosnell. all 47 babies take friend gosnell's office were cremated and burried, at a laurel hill cemetery. the group plans to hold another service in september, during the world meeting of families. gosnell is currently serving life in prison without parole. >> 6:37ment temple holding active shooter drill on campus today. so if you see emergency crews on campus, don't be alarmed just training drill. and the training will happen in around around warmth on hall 13th and norris streets around 10:00 this morning. so if you can around that time avoid the area.
6:38 am
>> coming up on 38:00. the cleveland cavaliers take a lead in the nba final series with golden state. is this series changing the way you look at labron james? i mean, can he win it all by himself? well big daddy graham is here. we'll ask him. >> here's how i look at labron jamesment like that. isn't that the way you look at him? >> nice one, sue. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up and tell you how many days we expect to be in the 90s. just ahead. >> and today is national iced tea day. >> common! >> what you don't like icedder? >> a day for everything now. >> i love iced tea. what's your favorite casino every iced tea? the sweeter the better for me. >> cold. >> let us know on twitter facebook instagram use the hashtag fox 29 good day.
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only when you book direct at >> sunny and nice today. no thunderstorms in the forecast. probably mid 80s if you have tea time early today to 70s through about 11:00. mid 80s this afternoon. ultimate doppler radar no precipitation, you can see the boundary line of the cold front, that came through yesterday. a weak one on the way for tomorrow. maybe a couple of pop up showers, and thunderstorms
6:42 am
but nothing really eventful until late in the day saturday. so it is tranquil out there this morning calm wind, and you see the wind direction has changed since yesterday we have northwesterly breeze, this is a one day special this low humidity so enjoy it while it is here. because once we start with the southwesterly winds it gets sticky once again. comfortable, 53 degrees in mount pocono 61 pottstown, 68 degrees in philadelphia. sixty in atlantic city, plus sea breeze moving in today. should be lovely at the shore. less humid comfortable for now. sunny, warm, for the rest of the middle of the week. then that 90 degrees heat moving in for tomorrow. and it is all going to be thursday and friday. not certain we will see 91 degrees on saturday, just depends on how early those clouds roll in, ahead of the thunderstorms. but, it is not going to be wash out saturday. sunday not as hot with a
6:43 am
high in the mid 80s so that's your weekend and beyond, in the seven day forecast. and we've got a big jammo in new jersey, bob kelly. >> you got it right sue. 6:43 looking live from skyfox over the scene of overturned tractor-trailer that was caring apple juice until about 5:00 this when this accident occurred, in the northbound lanes. so here's what they're doing obviously in the process you think you have rough gig this morning? these guys got hand off-load, they told me, 80,000 pounds of apple juice. now, look like they got two of the three lanes open here to at least kind of ease the crush of the rush hour. let's go to the live camera, on the ground here, north 295 jammed solid into route 541 which is mt. holly, new jersey. now they are not allowing any more traffic to get onto this stretch of the roadway. so if you are leaving the house right now and you typically use this stretch i would head right for the new
6:44 am
jersey turnpike, from the get go. you can get on right here, 541, actually, exit five, on the new jersey turnpike, from, say, cherry hill mt. laurel. i would use the turnpike from the get go. and head north into avoid that delay. another accident, north on the extension, right before the lansdale interchange. now, that mess we had to deal with yesterday, was coming southbound and all of the lanes are open between quakertown and lansdale. good morning, to the benny. ben franklin bridge come nothing philadelphia, no problems or delays at the moment. actually light volume coming over the benny but pack your shades for sun glare hit the curve, conshy curve headed eastbound, start to slow down, that delay continues in through girard avenue. mike alex back to you. >> talking b ball now what do you say? >> cleve lard cavaliers just two games away from an nba title. so this morning has this series the way it is going so far, has it really changed your view of the king, labron james? >> big daddy graham, i remember i listen to you
6:45 am
every single night middle of the night, you've not been huge fan of labron? >> no. i've always been a fan of labron. >> oh? >> i have been. no question. he's one of the greatest basketball players i've ever seen in my life. >> yes? >> what i said before this series started was i was rooting for goal end state. i mean last bron's good morning two rings. golden state has been forever, i like their style of ball. >> yes? >> but then the weird thing happened. they got that injury irving and i just wrote them off like pretty much everybody else wrote them off. this is amazing story. you want to talk about the true hallmark after champion, making players around him better. these guys, nobody's ever heard every these guys. >> no. >> yes. >> you know, dova? it is insane. >> you know, i've the same way. i find myself now because big curry fan i found myself rooting last night for
6:46 am
cleveland. >> that's true. >> i start look i remember coming home from the shore on sunday my wife get site for the game tonight irving already announcing, out for the rest of the year, i went ehh, because the whole tone of the thing changed. and then when they didn't get blown out actually, we're winning game two, i did. i found myself rooting for him. let's face it, we think we've suffered in this town? we went 25 years without a championship. they haven't gotten one since 1964. >> sixty-four. >> like great underdog story. >> it is. >> we'll see how that plays out. >> i listen to you all the time. i love the stories father day, week from sunday, i can so relate to your story. i listen very close to my dad. but this book is great. big daddy. and i know it is not real a tribute to the man but the stage version, the stage play of this book, really kind of
6:47 am
is and here's what happened. here's how the whole book came about. my sister gave me call one day about my dad. with a question about him. i didn't know the answer. and he had been dead for so long i hardly new him when he was alive. it was dawning on me, i wasn't remembering anything about him any more. so i just started jotting down anything coy think of. and it ended up being a book, which people love. it is so like over 30,000 copies just in this area. and i think the reason why people like it, it is because you can read it like a half hour and then tell everybody you made a book. >> real quickly tell that story about he did like the gamble. >> he did. i think he envisioned himself before the war of being like a gambling big shot. kind of almost like a mobster to tell you the truth. everything changed when he went in the war and when he came out and that's how the play differs from the book. it is just why i tell
6:48 am
everybody, you should write things down about your mom and dad. >> look at this. >> yes, he loved to gahm job tell me the story about how he broke his leg. >> oh yes. he was escaping arrayed on an illegal gambling house and thought he was running in to a basement that maybe escape that way. there was a basement there but it had no steps. >> and then another story i relate to i only saw my dad would kiss my mom twice a day, when he left for work and when he came home from work, but just peck on the lips. did you ever see your mom and dad kiss? >> never. never saw them dance. if there is a picture every him, next to each other it is by accident. now, the one to the left is before the war. the one to the right is obviously after the wariments you can see he doesn't even want to be in the photo. but what happened was when this book came out friend of mine who worked for the veterans administration found out some wild stuff about my dad that neither i or anyone else in my family ever new.
6:49 am
and it is the ending of the play which is not in the book and it really moves people. not that the show doesn't have laughs it does have laughs along the way but at the end it packs a big wallop. if i say so myself, perfect thing to bring your dad or your son or what your daughter who ever to see the show sunday. >> talk about laughs, this is your last performance, isn't it? >> last time i'm ever going to do it. >> only done this show maybe 50 times. this is it. it is the last time i'm doing it. it is time. i'm now older than my dad was when he died. >> oh? >> which was not the case when i wrote the book. so, it is time to move on. >> this will be on sunday, broadway theater pitman, 2:00 big daddy graham. com for particular. >> the oh that's great. big daddy congratulations on the book and the play and it's been a good run. and we'll see you soon. >> hey, one of these days i'll get downstairs! >> ya? >> we have security down here. >> i know. >> we don't let you pass. >> but they barely let me in
6:50 am
the front door. >> i'll let you in. >> thank, alec. >> your welcome. >> big daddy thank you. 6:50. >> blind woman says she is lucky to be alive after being hit by a bus crediting her dog with saving her life. eight year old figo is service dog, trained to guide and protect his owner monday when crossing the street, in new york. a bus hit both of them. the owner doesn't remember much of what happened. but, she does remember, figo jumping in front of her throwing himself between her and the bus to protect her. >> he is amazing and i'm not surprised. that's the way he is. you know? they say the love of an animal. and their partner. he proved it. >> wow. figo has fracture and some other injuries, and may need to have surgery to make things right. the important thing he is going to survive. what amazing thing he did. >> hey, figo, good for you.
6:51 am
about nine minutes before 7:00 this wednesday morning. see that couple way off to the background there? they have a good reason to celebrate. they just got engaged. but that's only part of the reason they're happy.
6:52 am
6:53 am
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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>> apple cart? spilled truckload of apple juice here. >> i'm sure there was some apple business going on back in the day. >> i dated someone too johnny apple seed. >> he used to wander all over. >> northbound lanes of i295 jammed solid looking live from scott fox into mt. holly. stay with us i'll give you the rest of the details detour coming -- coming up next. >> he propose toss high school sweetheart. it is the day he did it on that made it extra special. >> yes. >> ♪ ♪ >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> yes? >> (crying). >> oh his name is lucas. >> oh, that's beautiful. yes, his girlfriends was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma back in february, and on her last day of chemo he
6:55 am
proposed. of course, you hear the cheer in the background, he decked out the room with balloons, candles, roses even had fireworks going off outside. >> man. >> what a way to end that, ending chemotherapy with happy memory. >> that's great. >> ed sheeran wasn't in the room. >> no they were playing his music. >> every time we hear that song i get all emotional. >> great song. the inmates who escaped from that maximum security prison, is this is the talk of the country or what? they're still on the loose investigators, are revealing who they think helped them escape.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> another hit-and-run, man struck on the roosevelt boulevard. man keeps right ongoing. the man who was hit critical condition. and hours earlier another hit-and-run there is time in center city. victim in this case, a local actor. we'll tell you a story. >> and the ntsb is expected to reveal their findings, into that crash by amtrak in port richmond last month. yes, was that guy on his cell phone, or not? we'll finds out today. hey, it is two minute before bush call it 90 seconds before 7:00. >> guess what today is? what day is it, mike? >> mike mike, mike, mike? >> you glow hump day. >> it is wednesday. >> you know what else, and i know this makes you cranky but it is national iced tee
6:59 am
day. >> true. >> every day is a day. >> i lover iced tea though. >> i love tea. >> why shouldn't everything have a day? >> this is ridiculous, i don't understanded people put sugar in their iced tea. >> disgusting. >> then it is called sweet tea. >> you put sugar in addition to the sugar that's already in there you put? >> i just want straight tea no sugar put it out on the porch. >> let the sun steep it? >> no no, no, the sweeter the better. >> oh my goodness however you make it, however sweet take your tea out on the viranda. >> i wish i had a viranda. >> because you know why, it is not too humid today. it is a nine out of ten. of course bus stop buddy has to wait until he gets home from school. yes, is school still going on for some kids. that is sunscreen kind of day comfortable start. wear your shades. we have no precipitation the
7:00 am
colds front came through yesterday. so it is a dry 67 degrees, with 3-mile an hour win warm, not stormy yesterday 86 degrees, was our high. we expect to be right around that today. high of 87. plenty of sunshine, tonight few clouds, and low of 68 degrees. what about that heatwave? it is really going to happen? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast, coming up. >> heatwave. >> 7:00 straight up. good morning sue. live look at we are whoever erring over this overturned tractor-trailer, skyfox over the scene it was caring apple juice until it was involved in a crash split in half and there you go. the cases of apple juice being hand off-loaded off of the roadway here being back onto what would be a flatbed. it stretches for miles this is the northbound lanes of i295, in mt. holly new jersey. here is the interchange for mt. holly route 54; police, are blocking the onramp, so


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